Life Insurance in Retirement, Do You Really Need it?

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Do You Really Need Life Insurance in Retirement? In retirement, you need a plan that will keep you healthy and happy for many years, but what happens when those years run out? Well, you need a plan for that too. Life insurance in retirement is one solution. We all will end up in different financial … Read more

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

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What is a Reverse Mortgage? Reverse mortgages can be very intriguing to those that are reaching retirement age. Additionally, they can be intriguing to those that are in retirement and concerned about cash flow. So, just what is a reverse mortgage? Why do people take them out? And, are they good or bad? Reverse Mortgage … Read more

Jobs For Retired People

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Jobs For Retired People: Supplementing Your Savings to Live Your Best Life + Retire Early? This article, “Jobs for Retired People” is the second article in our New Series: The New Rules of Retirement. Jobs for Retired People? Doesn’t retired mean “NOT WORKING?” Maybe, but maybe not! In our Series – The New Rules of Retirement, … Read more

Minimalist Living

Minimalism By Generations

Minimalist Living Minimalist Living, Minimalism, Conscious Consumerism, Simple Living, The Joy of Less, Decluttering, Downsizing… Perhaps you have encountered these words recently and realized this is a movement spreading across America. Minimalist living is nothing new, but weary Americans coming off the consumerism roller-coaster, are discovering it again. Minimalism Across Generations Millennial Minimalism Minimalism is … Read more

New Rules of Retirement

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The New Rules of Retirement Series Retirement is changing, whether you like it or not… whether you are prepared for it or not. Let’s lay down the new rules of retirement and how to follow them, bend them and break them for your needs. This is the introduction article to our New Series: The New … Read more

Health Hacks – How to Save Money on Health Care Costs

Health Hacks to Save Money

Health Hacks – How to Save Money on Health Care Costs What are health hacks? They are tricks or lifestyle changes that can save you money on your health care costs. You may recall from our last health care costs post: a study done by Fidelity finds that American couples will need about $285,000 saved to … Read more

Save Money on Health Care in Retirement

Save Money on Health Care Costs Once you have started working on your Financial Plan and Health Insurance Plan, it’s time to focus on your “Preventive Savings Plan” to save money on health care costs in retirement. Health care is often the #1 cost for retirees. According to a study done by Fidelity, not including … Read more

Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement

Medicare Advantage Vs Medicare Supplement

Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement (Medigap): What Medicare Plan is Best for Me? I am a firm believer that there is a good Medicare health plan out there for everyone. Moreover, there might even be more than one good choice out there for your situation. If there is more than one good choice available to … Read more

What is Medicare Advantage

What is Medicare Advantage?

What is Medicare Advantage? In this article, we look at what is Medicare Advantage (aka Medicare Part C). As we discussed in our Medicare 101 Post, there are two different Medicare paths. You will choose one when you are setting up your health care in retirement. Path One = Original Medicare, Part A and Part … Read more