Insurance Newsletter for Agents

Insurance Newsletter for Agents

If you are an insurance agent that likes to stand out from the pack and is constantly growing and adapting to better serve your clients’ needs, then we have an Insurance Newsletter for you.

The Medicare Life Health Insurance Agent Newsletter was created to give client-centered, educated agents the edge in both the digital and physical marketplace.

Why this Insurance Agent Newsletter

There are a lot of newsletters out there, but none like this one. The insurance industry is changing and clients’ needs and habits are changing. At the same time, sales and marketing tactics are evolving as the internet matures.

As an agent, your time is limited. It’s time to use the best tools out there to make yourself known to all your potential clients. As they say, it’s better to work smart than hard. However, we all know, agents do both. Here is what we deliver:

  • Training, learning, development – this is how you get your edge in providing service people talk about.
  • Our specialty is teaching agents how to best use online marketing tools to reach new customers.
  • There is no cost to join. This is a free insurance industry newsletter for agents that sell all types of insurance – P&C, commercial, etc. – but it does have a focus on life, health and Medicare.

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For a limited time, we are offering free listings to life and health insurance agents on this website – Please apply for your free listing if you are a fully licensed insurance agent and are currently accepting new clients.

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