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Rethinking Retirement, Medicare, Life & Health

Rethinking Retirement, Medicare, Life & Health

A Medicare and Retirement Planning Community

Rethinking Retirement and Managing Health/Medicare

We are a Medicare and Retirement Planning Community focused on defining what it means to live your best life in retirement with a solid foundation in health care and financial health. This includes:

The Main Problem

You need money in retirement. First, you need to save money to reach your retirement goals, but then you also need a plan to save money when you get there.

Health care is a major expense in retirement that can quickly eat up your savings in retirement unless you have a plan to manage both your health and finances.

Our Solution

Medicare Life Health Senior Sunset Retirement

Medicare Life Health (MLH) will help you make the right choices to keep your health care costs to a minimum.  In addition to having a solid financial plan, there are two main ways to keep your health care costs affordable in retirement…

  1. The right insurance plan
  2. The right preventative health plan.

You must have both. MLH will guide you through the best ways to keep you from spending your retirement savings on health care.

Let’s Get Started with some Introductions.




Start Here! Use the information tool kits below to begin your medicare and retirement planning.


This Tool Kit answers your questions regarding Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, and Prescription Drug Plans. Discover what products are right for you and how to sign-up for them. 


Learn what is necessary for a smooth transition into retirement, and what products and services will keep your finances in shape for the long haul.


Finally, this Tool Kit focuses on preventative health information to help you experience your life to the fullest. Read about the latest research on how to stay healthy and how to feel energetic at any life stage. 

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