What is MAPD?

What is MAPD + PDP+ Medicare Jargon Made simple

What is MAPD? What does MAPD Stand for? Costs of MAPD Medicare Advantage Plans often come with lower premium costs than Supplement Plans. Some of them even offer “zero premium” options. They are not technically “free” because everyone still has to pay their Medicare Part B Premiums directly to the government each month. However, they … Read more

Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement

Medicare Advantage Vs Medicare Supplement

Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement (Medigap): What Medicare Plan is Best for Me? I am a firm believer that there is a good Medicare health plan out there for everyone. Moreover, there might even be more than one good choice out there for your situation. If there is more than one good choice available to … Read more

What is Medicare Advantage

What is Medicare Advantage?

What is Medicare Advantage? In this article, we look at what is Medicare Advantage (aka Medicare Part C). As we discussed in our Medicare 101 Post, there are two different Medicare paths. You will choose one when you are setting up your health care in retirement. Path One = Original Medicare, Part A and Part … Read more