Does Medicare Cover Ambulance Services?

Does Medicare Cover Ambulances medicare FAQs

Does Medicare Cover Ambulance Services? Yes, Medicare covers ambulance services in approved emergency situations. As with all Medicare covered costs, you will pay 20% of the cost of service, unless you have additional coverage. Let’s break down in more detail – what is covered and how it gets paid for. Does Medicare Pay for Ambulance … Read more

Best Hearing Aid Alternatives

hearing aid alternatives with medicare life health - what is a psap

Best Hearing Aid Alternatives Hearing aids are expensive. We are talking thousands of dollars, sometimes even with insurance. In addition, they may be overkill for the amount of hearing support you require. Fortunately, there are hearing aid alternatives. You just need to know where to look and what to look for. Hearing Aids are Not … Read more

How Long Does Medicare Pay for Rehab?

How Long Does Medicare Pay for Rehab

How Long Does Medicare Pay for Rehab? How Many Days does Medicare Pay for Rehab? If you only have Original Medicare, you will have costs associated with rehab for each benefit period. For the first sixty days, a deductible will apply (in 2020, $1,364). After that, a $341 coinsurance will apply to days 61-90, and … Read more

What is MAPD?

What is MAPD + PDP+ Medicare Jargon Made simple

What is MAPD? What does MAPD Stand for? Costs of MAPD Medicare Advantage Plans often come with lower premium costs than Supplement Plans. Some of them even offer “zero premium” options. They are not technically “free” because everyone still has to pay their Medicare Part B Premiums directly to the government each month. However, they … Read more

Medicare and Medicaid Difference Guide

medicare and medicaid difference guide

Medicare and Medicaid Difference Guide The Medicare and Medicaid Difference Guide helps you understanding both services, so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones. The United States has two separate national health care systems: Medicare and Medicaid. The government created the two programs for two different kinds of people. However, … Read more

Renew Active vs Silver Sneakers

Renew Active vs Silver Sneakers

Renew Active vs Silver Sneakers Does it sometimes seem like Medicare and Insurance companies are trying to make things as complicated as they possibly can? Just when you think you have Medicare Advantage down, something else comes up! For example: Renew Active vs Silver Sneakers. Not so very long ago, there was one main senior … Read more

What is Silver Sneakers?

what is Silver Sneakers Senior Fitness

What is Silver Sneakers? Maybe you just overhead your neighbor talking about his free gym membership, or maybe your doctor asked you if you are a SilverSneakers user. You might then be wondering, just what it Silver Sneakers? SilverSneakers(r) is a fitness and wellness program for seniors age 65 and up. It includes free gym … Read more