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Carly Cummings

Hello! I’m Carly Cummings (Licensed Agent) leader of the Medicare Life Health community and crusader for everyone’s right to have a healthy and fulfilling retirement.

What does having a healthy and fulfilling retirement mean to me? It means developing a solid foundation that includes both a health care plan and financial plan. In addition, it means taking care of yourself to mitigate future costs and to enjoy life to the fullest.

My Background

Over the last 13 years, I have been working with clients on both financial and physical wellness. Previously, I was a Financial Representative and currently, I am an Independent Life/Health Agent. In these roles, I have helped hundreds of clients work towards their financial goals. Currently, I work on Medicare Health plans with my clients in Nebraska. Previously, I worked for a Fortune 500 Finance/Insurance Company and also for a Berkshire Hathaway insurance company.

In addition, on the health side, I owned two yoga/fitness/weight loss studios and a national wellness licensing company. As a Personal Trainer and Certified Yoga Instructor, I helped thousands of people work towards their wellness goals. (I was the CEO of Hyp-Yoga Inc. that was featured in magazines like SELF, Ladies Home Journal, Glamour and on Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act. I even taught a Hyp-Yoga class to Taylor Swift!)

My Mission & My Passion

Now, my passion is working with retirees, and those individuals who would like to retire someday (sooner than they think!). Together, we make health care decisions and financial decisions that will lead to the happiest retirement possible.

Retirement is a loaded word, and so are the words Health Care, for a lot of people. My mission is to empower people you to face both of these concepts head on.

  • First, I want you to rethink and redefine the word retirement. Then, it’s time to create or solidify your plan to live your best life after you leave the “work place.”
  • Second, I want you to create the most affordable and efficient health plan that will not drain your savings or put a cramp on your lifestyle.

There is no “one answer” as to what retirement looks like these days.

There is also not as much help out there from public institutions or corporations, but I see this as a good thing! The old answers to these questions were fed to us. This usually meant working long periods of time for promises of pensions or government social security. In this age of new answers, WE get to decide for ourselves what retirement looks like.

I am not alone in my excitement for rethinking retirement and taking control of our health care. This is a movement across all generations, reaching from the baby boomers entering retirement right now to the millennials just starting to think seriously about the future.

Your Call to Action

I am inviting you right now, where ever you are at on your health and retirement journey, to join us in taking full control of your medical health and your financial health.

Baby Boomers

For those of you that are in or close to retirement, this community is especially for you. I will help you set up a Health Care/Medicare Plan that will keep your hard earned money in your pocket. I will also help you to strengthen your financial health and fill in the holes that might be left in your retirement planning.

Generation X’ers and Millennials

For those of you that think you are far away from retirement, this community is for you too. I want you to reach retirement sooner, and I will help you reset your course to do this if necessary. I will also help you in your Health Care planning if you reach retirement before Medicare age. Yes, early retirement is totally possible – let’s do it together!

Welcome to the MLH Community!

Helping future and current retirees (at whatever age!) achieve both medical and financial health is my mission and my passion. Thank you for being here, and I hope you will enjoy the journey forward with us.

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Carly Cummings Bio

MLH Founder, Carly Cummings is a licensed insurance agent that has a background both on the consumer side and the carrier (insurance company) side of insurance. Carly has worked as a licensed agent, in house, at a large Berkshire Hathaway owned Insurance Carrier, and outside both as a captive agent/financial representative and as an independent agent. 

Carly has previously been licensed for trading with the FINRA Securities License and Financial Advising License. She currently holds a NE Life/Health Insurance License, and has been previously licensed in P&C as well. Carly also owned a successful small business in the health and wellness industry for many years before working in insurance and finance.

Carly’s varied background has given her a strategic view of the finance/insurance industry and how best to help her clients and readers. Carly loves helping people, and she is also a wife and a mother of two strong daughters.

Licensed Nebraska Medicare, Health, Life Independent Agent

If you live in the state of Nebraska, and you are looking for a licensed, independent insurance agent, feel free to use this form or call or text for an appointment at +1 (402) 320-5645

You can also visit Carly’s online insurance sales web page by clicking here.

Carly works with Berger and Associates Insurance Group as a licensed agency only in the state of NE.

Carly Cummings Medicare Life Health Founder
Carly Cummings Medicare Life Health Founder and Family
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