Caregiver Stress & Burnout Relief

Caregiver Stress - Caring for Elderly Parents Stress Management: A How to Guide Presented by Medicare Life Health Co.

Caregiver Stress – Caring for Elderly Parents Stress Management & Care Caregiver stress and caregiver burnout is real. The sleepless nights, worry and agitation are real symptoms of caring for elderly parents stress. While you are learning how to care for your aging parents, you must also continue to care for yourself. Ways to Destress … Read more

How Old is Middle Aged?

how old is middle aged - aging series

How Old is Middle Aged? How old is middle aged? It is a bit ambiguous; definitions vary, but is said to between “young adulthood and old age.” This is typically somewhere in the range of 45-65 depending on the source. Despite the idea that by the time we hit our late 20s we have fully … Read more

Best Hearing Aid Alternatives

hearing aid alternatives with medicare life health - what is a psap

Best Hearing Aid Alternatives Hearing aids are expensive. We are talking thousands of dollars, sometimes even with insurance. In addition, they may be overkill for the amount of hearing support you require. Fortunately, there are hearing aid alternatives. You just need to know where to look and what to look for. Hearing Aids are Not … Read more

How Much Does an MRI Cost?

how much does an mri cost

How Much Does an MRI Cost? There is nothing worse than getting a hospital bill with an unexpected number on it. So, if your doctor says you need an MRI, you might be wondering, just how much does an MRI cost? First, MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. An MRI machine can scan the inside … Read more

Renew Active vs Silver Sneakers

Renew Active vs Silver Sneakers

Renew Active vs Silver Sneakers Does it sometimes seem like Medicare and Insurance companies are trying to make things as complicated as they possibly can? Just when you think you have Medicare Advantage down, something else comes up! For example: Renew Active vs Silver Sneakers. Not so very long ago, there was one main senior … Read more

Double Mastectomy: How to Prepare and Recover

double mastectomy, how to prepare for surgery and recovery

Double Mastectomy: How to Prepare and Recover Quickly Medicare Life Health’s author Crystal gives you first-hand information on having a double mastectomy including preparation and recovery information, helpful lists and tips. Approximately 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in her lifetime.  In addition, many of these women will have a mastectomy or bilateral, … Read more

What is Silver Sneakers?

what is Silver Sneakers Senior Fitness

What is Silver Sneakers? Maybe you just overhead your neighbor talking about his free gym membership, or maybe your doctor asked you if you are a SilverSneakers user. You might then be wondering, just what it Silver Sneakers? SilverSneakers(r) is a fitness and wellness program for seniors age 65 and up. It includes free gym … Read more

Best Gifts for Seniors

Best gifts for seniors

Best Gifts for Seniors Here are the best gifts for seniors! Whether you are looking for a present for a grandparent, elderly parent, senior relative or friend, we have the top and trending gifts listed here! If you are looking for a gift for a senior that is in a nursing home or assisted living, … Read more