Omaha Insurance Agency

Omaha Insurance Agency

Omaha Insurance Agency

Looking for an Omaha Insurance Agency? Medicare Life Health Co. is a national insurance publication, but Carly is also a part of an Omaha Based Insurance Agency. For our readers that are lucky enough to live in Omaha, Nebraska and the city’s surrounding areas, we are here to help you find insurance solutions that are right for you.

Carly Cummings, Licensed Insurance Agent

Carly Cummings is the creator and head writer for Medicare Life Health. In addition, she is a licensed insurance agent in Nebraska and Iowa and an independent agent that works with the Berger & Associates Insurance Group.

  • If you live in Omaha, Lincoln (and surrounding areas) or Council Bluffs (and surrounding areas), Carly should be able to meet with you in person or by phone to discuss your insurance needs.
  • If you live anywhere else in Nebraska or Iowa, Carly can discuss your insurance needs and solutions by phone or video chat.

Carly is part of the Berger & Associates Insurance Group, as well as the leader of the MedicareLifeHealth Community.

Carly Cummings, Medicare and Medigap Expert

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An Omaha Insurance Agency with Expertise

Carly has been in the insurance industry since 2014, and has experience as an independent agent, as well as on the corporate side as a Product Underwriter for a Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Company.

She represents all sides of Medicare including both Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Insurance and Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C).

The Importance of an Independent Insurance Agent in Omaha

As an independent insurance agent in Omaha, Carly represents many different insurance companies. This means she does not “push” any one company and can help you make an informed decision based on what is best for your situation, in your market area. (Read more about what to look for in an insurance agent here.)

Office Locations

The Berger Insurance Agency, that Carly works with has an office in Plattsmouth, NE. However, Carly typically meets with clients in their homes to make it convenient for you. Please call or text Carly directly to make an appointment.

Would You Rather Shop Online?

You can! Carly has select health insurance policies online for her IA/NE customers. You can access the links here and start your application online today.

In addition, if you use these links, Carly will be your agent and will be able to help you out with any service needs in regards to your policies. She will also be able to help you shop your policies in the future and keep you up-to-date on current trends and news.

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