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The No Sugar Diet Book List

The No Sugar Diet Book List

The No Sugar Diet Book List

We will help you find the best no sugar diet book for you. There are a few good ones out there, but this list will help you find the one(s) that speaks to you.

In my quest to get our family healthy for the long-haul, I did extensive research to find the books that would not only help us all cut sugar, but eat in a sustainable, healthy way.

No Sugar Diet Books that Produce Results

These are the books that really helped. When I say they really helped, I mean it. As a result of the information in these books, I lost 60 lbs (after baby number two) and my husband lost 100 pounds. We have both kept the weight off for two years now! Moreover, I feel like the lifestyle changes we have made are sustainable.

In addition to the weight loss my family saw, we also saw an increase in energy, an increase in the desire to workout more, better skin, a decrease in inflammation, and the elimination of heartburn/digestive issues. It was a big deal! Also, my 65 year old mom quit sugar and improved her inflammation issues with her arthritis in her hands.

This is my experience, and it has made me a “No Sugar Evangelist.” If you have taken part in our Free Ten Day Sugar Detox Course or read any of our no sugar articles then you will remember many of the other reasons for reducing or eliminating sugar. Such as:

The Top Reasons to Eliminate/Reduce Sugar

    • Some people show sugar fat to the world and some people hide the fat around their organs, but it has the same consequences.
    • Diabetes, Heart Disease, Inflammation, Tooth Decay, Fatty Liver Disease, and probably Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Aging.
    • Just as some people can be addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, some people are addicted to sugar. Take back your control.

So, let’s get to it! Let’s find you a no sugar diet book to change your life.

The Top No Sugar Diet Book List

1. Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It
By Gary Taubes

Best No Sugar Diet Book: Why we get fat and what to do about it

This is the first no sugar diet book I read that helped me to reevaluate sugar in my life and lose 60 lbs. This is your book if you are like me in that you enjoy learning the science behind everything. Once I understood just how my body works in regards to processing carbs, sugars, and fats, it all just clicked!

That said, Why We Get Fat is actually a more to the point version of Taubes’ book Good Calories, Bad Calories. So, it covers no sugar diet science, but it also delivers a to the point action plan to help you kick your bad habits to the curb.

Thanks to Taubes excellent reporting of the research behind sugar, I will never go back to eating the way I did before.

Extra Credit No Sugar Diet Book: The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes

I listened to this one on Audible. It was really the only way even I, an admitted super nerd, could get through it. It is a dry account of how sugar has changed our culture over the last hundred years. However, it is a good and necessary book for America. The information in it is fascinating, in its own way – promise!

2. The Obesity Code
By Jason Fung

the obesity code by jason fung

The Obesity Code is so much more than a no sugar diet book, although it talks about sugar extensively. I will tell you that this book is intense, but it picked up where “Why We Get Fat…” left off in changing our lives forever. It is because of Fung’s book that my husband is now able to keep off the 100 lbs that he lost when we first cut sugar.

Jason Fung, MD is a kidney specialist. As a result, he has a unique perspective on what sugar and processed foods do to our body and organs over time. This is another “science-y” book that takes some time to read. However, it is worth it to get through it. The Obesity Code would be a good one to listen to on Audible.

The book kept me interested to the end. I could not wait to see how all the research in the front of the book would come together in an action plan in the back of the book. I am happy to report that it does. After reading The Obesity Code, I knew what was necessary to keep my family healthy for good.

3. Year of No Sugar: A Memoir
By Eve Schaub

year of no sugar, best no sugar diet book

A Year of No Sugar is a no sugar diet book for those of you who do not like diet books. Written as a memoir, Eve writes about her family’s whole year of living sugar free. They cut out fructose (sugar) completely and this book tells the story of why and how they did it. There is great advice for all of us on how to live sugar free or low sugar – especially with children.

I loved this book. Eve’s journey gave me the motivation to start my own. The book still explains some sugar science, but it is more story than research book. Does that sound better to you? I listened to this one a couple of times as an audio book. It is a good one to listen to. You can try Audible for free with this link if you want to give it a shot.

4. I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook By Sarah Wilson

I quit sugar

If you are looking for a step-by-step process to getting sugar out of your life, Sarah Wilson gives it to you in I Quit Sugar. Remember, sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine. While we have a free 10 Day Sugar Detox for you on this site, sometimes you need a bit more. I Quit Sugar has sugar science, detox advice, a week by week plan, and recipes to help you detox sugar from your diet.

While I didn’t complete her 8 week plan day by day, I did use her book to help in my month to month journey to reduce sugar. I appreciated how she offers advice on how to beat sugar cravings with natural alternatives. In addition, I have used many of her recipes for the last couple years.

Added Help From Sarah: The I Quit Sugar Cookbook: 306 Recipes for a Clean, Healthy Life.

No Sugar Book Summary

The Top No sugar diet books to help you eliminate sugar

The No Sugar Diet Book list should give you a good start on your journey to eliminate or reduce sugar. Start with either Why We Get Fat or the Obesity Code if you enjoy reading about the science and research behind why you are cutting out sugar. On the other hand, if you are more motivated by stories, recipes and a little less data, start with Year of No Sugar or I Quit Sugar.

Personally, I read them all and benefited from them all. They are the kind of books you want to own and return to often (or lend to friends). I got a couple of them from the library originally, before deciding I needed to own them all for reference.

Good luck with no sugar! Please let us know how your quitting sugar journey is going.

How to Stop Eating Sugar

How to Stop Eating Sugar

How to Stop Eating Sugar – 10 Day No Sugar Diet

How to Stop Eating Sugar - A 10 Day Sugar Detox Program

Welcome to the How to Stop Eating Sugar – 10 Day Sugar Detox Challenge!

Get ready to feel better and to make a difference in your own health as well as the health of your bank account! It is time to eliminate sugar from your diet once and for all.

There are a few ways to approach the Sugar Detox Challenge, and we want you to chose the path that you know you will be successful following.

Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine…

how to stop eating sugar - a sugar detox guide

… so some of you might need a powerful approach to tame a long standing addiction while others of you might just need a little push in the right direction again. The goal of the 10 Day Challenge is to help you in creating awareness of sugar in your life and then to re-evaluate the role of sugar in your diet going forward.

You can start this challenge at any time and repeat it as many times as you need. Sugar reform in your diet is for life, not just for 10 days. When you do start your challenge, you will make an announcement to your friends / family / social circles, whatever you need to stay motivated and accountable.

Let’s start with WHY we need to stop eating sugar before we get to the how:

“I am not against sugar, when it is appropriate and rare.”
Dr. Lustig

Just a few UCFS Sugar Science Facts:

10 Day Sugar Detox Plan
  • Added sugar is in 74% of our packaged foods.
  •  Scientific evidence shows too much added sugar, over time, is linked to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, lipid problems, and hypertension; all of which are part of what is called Metabolic Syndrome.
  • Evidence is also mounting that high levels of sugar consumption can fuel some cancers and is linked to inflammation, dementia or Alzheimer’s and more rapid aging.
  • 31% of American adults and 13% of kids suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).
  • 75% of health care costs are from metabolic syndrome diseases. – This is not just about overweight people. 20% of obese people have a healthy metabolism, and 40% of skinny people actually have the metabolic diseases caused by sugar consumption. That means 60% of the entire US population is suffering from metabolic diseases.

What is the end result of the How to Stop Eating Sugar 10 Day Cleanse?

Now, that will be up to you. There is no real nutritional value in having any sugar in your diet. Therefore, you will need to decide what role sugar will play in your life going forward.

Remember, just like the toxin alcohol, when sugar is used seldom and in small amounts, it is much easier for your body to process and dispose of properly and keep you healthy.

Here are some conclusions you could come to:

  • I need to eliminate all sugars (fructose) from my diet.
  • I need to follow the American Heart Association recommendations. Including that women and children take in no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar a day. (No sugar for children under two.) Men no more than 9 teaspoons a day.
  • Or some other similar goal.
    MY GOAL: ____________________________________

Am I Addicted to Sugar?

Before starting your How to Stop Eating Sugar 10 Day Challenge, perhaps you would like a baseline for where you are starting in your journey. Taking a “Sugar Addiction Quiz” will help you contour your Sugar Detox Program.

This will help you decide if you need 5 days of prep first and then 5 days without sugar, or if you can go cold turkey from day one and do 10 days without sugar. It will also help you decided what you need to cut out of your diet for 10 days to be successful. Whether that is all fructose, or just added sugars, and whether or not you can keep simple carbs in your diet.

Here are some of our favorite Sugar Addiction quizzes:

Resources Available

best how to stop eating sugar books

There are many resources available to help you on your 10 day sugar detox journey, and this guide is one of them. We will provide you with steps/goals each day as well as food suggestions for your zero sugar days.

How to Stop Eating Sugar Elimination Program Part One

The First Five Days

The first five days of the Ten Day Sugar Detox Challenge are about creating awareness and educating you on how sugar is present in your life. This is a time to slowly cut back on the sugar as well since the last five days will be totally sugar free. However, if you feel ready to go without any sugar from day one, go for it! Please still participate in the activities in Part One, but go ahead and cut out all the sugar right from the start.

Most of us though will need some easing into this challenge, plus sugar is sneaky! First, we will need to hunt for the sugar that is “hiding” in 74% or more of our processed foods (see the list of different names sugar goes by in Day One.) Let’s get started!

Day One: Sugar Hunting

First, your challenge is to find the sugar that is living in your house/work/car at this moment. Remember that the majority of your packaged foods are going to have sugar in them. Namely, look for sugar in your snack and breakfast cabinets. Contrarily, for this challenge, the sugar in your fruit does not count. (Whole fruits have fiber and other good stuff in it.) However, fruit juice does count towards your added sugars. Think of fruit juice the same way you think of soda, just loaded with sugar ready to hit your body hard and fast!

Keeping a Food Journal

Every day in this challenge you will keep a journal of the foods that you eat. You can use an app or you can write it down. In addition, write down/enter in all added sugars eaten in grams as this is how they are listed on nutritional labels and charts.

You might need to do some hunting on this – especially if you eat out. There are a few apps out there that will give you added sugars, but not many. Try Fooducate. Also, check online for restaurants’ nutritional information. Then, add up all your added sugars for the day.

Ten Day How to Stop Eating Sugar Challenge Photo

Your first photo challenge is to gather all foods that have added sugars from your house. Then, put them in one location such as your kitchen table, and take a picture with them! You can be in the picture or not, your choice.

Next, using the hashtag #MLHsugardetox post this picture to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any of your other favorite social scenes so we can all share our shock together! In addition, make sure to search for other peoples pictures too. Finally, tag others to take the challenge as well and direct them to

Individual Change that Leads to a National Movement

Making changes individually is great, but we need as many people as possible to start making changes in their sugar consumption to make a difference at a collective level. Remember, we are all paying as a nation for our health care crisis and reforming our sugar consumption could just be what we need to tackle this mounting financial and health crisis.

Sugar List

Here is a list of various ways sugar is represented in our foods. According to the Sugar Science Program of UCSF, here are 61 different names for sugar, and these all count as added sugars:

Agave nectar
Barbados sugar
Barley malt
Barley malt syrup
Beet sugar
Brown sugar
Buttered syrup
Cane juice
Cane juice crystals
Cane sugar
Carob syrup
Castor sugar
Coconut palm sugar
Coconut sugar
Confectioner’s sugar
Corn sweetener
Corn syrup
Corn syrup solids
Date sugar
Dehydrated cane juice
Demerara sugar
Evaporated cane juice
Free-flowing brown sugars
Fruit juice
Fruit juice concentrate
Glucose solids
Golden sugar
Golden syrup
Grape sugar
High-Fructose Corn Syrup
Icing sugar
Invert sugar
Malt syrup
Maple syrup
Palm sugar
Powdered sugar
Raw sugar
Refiner’s syrup
Rice syrup
Sorghum Syrup
Sugar (granulated)
Sweet Sorghum
Turbinado sugar
Yellow sugar

A Word on Dairy

Lactose is counted as sugar on food labels as it is a form of sugar, but it is not fructose, so it does not count as part of our challenge. Added sugars that include fructose are what we are looking at for the sake of this challenge. For example, a lot of yogurt has added sugars in it. So, for the sake of this challenge, stay away from yogurt unless you know there is no added sugar in it. Finally, check ingredient lists and watch out for all the sugar words. You can research more about milk and dairy products at a later time to decide what role they will play in your diet.

How to Stop Eating Sugar Day Two: Documenting

Sugar Detox Guide Meal Planning for How to Stop Eating Sugar

Keep investigating all sugars in foods – packaged, restaurants, at home. Remember to keep a journal of the foods that you eat using an app or writing it down and write down all added sugars eaten.

Add up all your added sugars for the day. There are about 4 grams in a teaspoon (4.2 if you want to be precise) so divide your grams by 4 to see how many teaspoons you consumed today (and from Day One of the Challenge as well). How close did you come to the recommendation of less than 6 teaspoons for women and children and 9 for men?

Now, try each day, for the first five days of this challenge to decrease your intake to get you ready for your zero sugar days.

Getting Social with the MLH Sugar Detox

Post online grams using #MLHsugardetox how much sugar you consumed today and/or from day one.

Make a Difference: Then, call out a product that has sugar in it that you think should do better. Together we can start real change in a sugar-flooded industry.

Day Three/Four/Five: Easing into Your New Sugar Free Diet

Sugar Detox Meal Plan 5 Day Chart for How to Quit Sugar
Click pic to enlarge

By this time, some of you might be ready to go “cold turkey” and cut out the sugar right now. If that is you, go ahead and skip ahead to Day Six and elongate your zero sugar time period. However, others might still need these next 3 days to slowly decrease the sugar. Maybe aim to decrease your sugar by a teaspoon or two a day, or whatever is needed to get you to zero teaspoons by Day Six.

Coming up, it will now be time to be very proactive about what we are eating each day. It will be easiest if you prepare your own foods for the coming days so you know WITHOUT A DOUBT that you are not consuming any hidden sugars.

We have put together some sample meal plans in Part 2 that include not only foods that are without sugar, but also foods that will help your body
run even cleaner and healthier. Just cutting out the sugar is going to give your poor liver a break, so consider this your “detox” time!

Use these days to go grocery shopping and to plan ahead your meals as much as you need to be the most successful at this Challenge as possible.

How to Stop Eating Sugar Elimination Program Part Two: Days 6 – 10, Zero Sugar

Day Six / Seven / Eight / Nine: Zero Sugar

You are now ready to eat zero sugar for five or more days! We have a few zero sugar five day meal plans on this page for you. In addition, we have a large Pinterest Board with TONS of zero sugar meal plan options that you should follow!

Part 2 Everyday Day Photo Challenge:

Instagram/Facebook your meals! Use #MLHsugardetox as your hashtag.

Taking photos of your meals may actually help you to lose weight and/or stick to your zero sugar plan! Not only will it make you more mindful of what you are eating, but it also gives you some accountability to share socially what you are putting into your mouth during your no sugar challenge. It may also help someone else to see what options are available in the no sugar world.

Zero Added Sugar Food Planning

We do have How to Stop Eating Sugar Meal Plans pictured below to help you plan your zero sugar days. However, here are some notes to consider when doing your own planning.

Note One: Fruit

Fruit has fructose in it, but it also has fiber in it. (Fruit juice does not have fiber, and is not allowed during the challenge.) However, some of you might want to eliminate fruit for the last 5 days of your challenge as sometimes the sweetness will lead you to crave “the hard stuff.”

I would personally suggest cutting out fruit besides berries and avocados which has a ton of fiber in them, just for these last 5 days to truly feel the benefits of being “sugar free.” I am completely for fruit in my own diet otherwise as I love the fiber, vitamins and minerals that fruit provides.

Note Two: White Flour

Another consideration is white flour. White flour is also something you might consider leaving out for these 5 days. Bread without any sugar is hard to come by in the grocery store anyway, but if you would like to try a bread that is free from sugar or strange sugar substitutes, try Ezekiel Bread.

Note Three: Dairy

Again, on Dairy – Lactose is counted as sugar on food labels as it is a form of sugar, but it is not fructose, so it does not count as part of our challenge. Added sugars that include fructose are what we are looking at for the sake of this challenge. A lot of yogurt has added sugars in it, so for the sake of this challenge, stay away from yogurt unless you know there is no
added sugar in it. Check the ingredient list and watch out for all the sugar words.

Note Four: Carbohydrates

This isn’t a low-carb / no-carb challenge, just a fructose elimination challenge, but there is growing evidence that limiting carbs may help the body in many ways.

Note Five: “Sugar-Free” Labels

Watch out for “sugar free” as this typically means that the messed around with strange sugar substitutes and sugar alcohols that we want to avoid for this challenge.

Note Six: Diet Sodas

Cut them out. They are not good for you. Yes, they are “sugar free,” but I am sure you can quickly search online for all the reasons that they are not beneficial for your health and may even cause you to crave sweet things. If you must, you must. I get it, but if you need to caffeine, go for coffee if possible. Cream in your coffee is just fine. Real cream like half and half is good and heavy creams is even better! Watch out for the sugars in coffee creamers.

Note Seven: The “Health Halo”

Finally, “organic,” “gluten-free,” “non-gmo” things can also be sugary things. Watch out for the “health halo” that hovers around packaging that wants you to think its innocent. Perhaps it is, perhaps it is not. Remember that 74% of packaged food has sugar lurking in it!

How to Stop Eating Sugar – Zero Sugar Meal Planning Examples

Now, here are a couple different meal plans you can use to help you design your zero sugar days.

Sugar Detox Plan Zero Sugar
Simple Zero Sugar, Detox Plan

How to Stop Eating Sugar – Zero Sugar Options for the Tough Stuff – Breakfast, Drinks & Snacks

Breakfast Options – Zero Sugar

  • Smoothie (if including fruit): Berries, Vanilla Unsweetened
    Almond Milk and/or Coconut Milk, Unsweetened Protein
    Powder, Leafy Greens
  • Wrap: Zero Sugar Tortilla, Egg, Avocado, Cheese, Chalula
    (Hot) Sauce
  • Avocado and String Cheese
  • Toast (check your bread for sugars) with no sugar peanut
    butter (ingredient list should be 2-3 items long) or butter
  • Almonds
  • Shredded wheat cereal (no sugar) with berries if eating fruit
  • Coffee with half and half/heavy cream
  • Homemade peanut butter oat bars (no sugar or honey or
    maple syurp)
  • Unsweetened Almond milk and protein powder
  • Eggs, bacon and toast (again, check your bread)
    Drink Options – Zero Sugar
  • La Croix
  • Unsweetened Iced Tea
  • Green/Black Tea or Herbal Tea
  • Dry Red Wine – Red Zin, Cab, Pino (For the last 5 days of the
    challenge, try to avoid alcohol all together, but if you must,
    these are the best options with very small amounts of sugar)

Snack Options – Zero Sugar

  • Popcorn
  • Apples and no sugar added peanut butter
  • String Cheese
  • Avocados
  • Carrots and hummus
  • Mini Cucumbers
  • Nuts
  • Spoonful of Coconut Oil

How to Stop Eating Sugar Day Ten: Looking Forward

This is your last day of the Stop Our Sugar 10 Day Challenge, but is only the beginning of your new relationship with sugar. Today we want you to share with as many people as you can what sugar is to you now.

Please write down the answers to these questions. Then, share online or talk with your friends and family:
  • How do you feel after 5 – 10 days without sugar?
  • How will you eat sugar (or not eat sugar) going forward?
  • Next, what have you learned about your body, yourself or about how sugar interacts with you?
  • What do you think everyone should know about sugar?
  • Finally, what do you think needs to be done on a national level/international level to save us all from our current health crisis?

Tell Your Sugar Elimination Story

how to stop eating sugar to prevent weight gain and aging

Finally, tell your story and be a part of the no sugar movement that is unfolding all over. We all need each other on this journey to make permanent changes in our habits and behaviors.

Let’s work together to make changes where they are the most effective. Our goal with the Ten Day Sugar Detox project is to do everything in our power to change individuals’ lives in regards to their relationship with sugar and then to be a part of the national story through organizations that can make a difference in our government, in our schools and in our grocery stores.

Please join us however you can in making a difference in the lives of those around you, and email us or talk to us on Facebook about what you are doing!

Thank you for being a part of our How to Stop Eating Sugar – Ten Day Sugar Detox Challenge.

Remember, you should always consult a physician if you have any concerns, and know that this plan contains general information nutrition, health and diets. The information is not medical advice. Please don’t treat it as such.

10 Day No Sugar Diet Pin
Health Hacks – How to Save Money on Health Care Costs

Health Hacks – How to Save Money on Health Care Costs

Health Hacks – How to Save Money on Health Care Costs

What are health hacks? They are tricks or lifestyle changes that can save you money on your health care costs.

Health Hacks to Save Money

You may recall from our last health care costs post: a study done by Fidelity finds that American couples will need about $285,000 saved to cover health care costs in retirement.  Moreover, that is an estimate in today’s dollars, and it doesn’t include long-term care costs.

So, if there are health hacks or lifestyle changes that would save you thousands of dollars in the future, would you do them?

I hope so. Let’s start with the Number One Money Saving Health Hack:

#1 Health Hack: Cut out sugar from your diet

This isn’t a joke, and it is not something to take lightly. Cutting out or significantly reducing sugar from your diet will save you thousands of dollars, and there are studies to prove it.

How Much Sugar are You Eating? You may be surprised.

Maybe you think you do not eat that much sugar, but I want you to take a closer look here. Sugar hides in our modern foods all the time. If you eat out a lot or eat a lot of processed foods (including breads and snacks), then you are probably eating more sugar than you think.

The majority of Americans are eating too much sugar. Our sugar-laden Standard American Diet (SAD) is the number one reason why our health care costs are rising so rapidly.

In addition, it is the number one reason that you might have to take a lot of drugs in retirement.

Don’t believe me? Read on.

Here are a few sugar science facts from UCSF that should scare the pants off of you:

  •  Added sugar is in 74% of our packaged foods.
  •  Scientific evidence shows too much added sugar, over time, is linked to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, lipid problems, and hypertension; all of which are part of what is called Metabolic Syndrome.
  • Evidence is also mounting that high levels of sugar consumption can fuel some cancers and is linked to inflammation, dementia or Alzheimer’s and more rapid aging.
  • 31% of American adults and 13% of kids suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).
  • 75% of health care costs are from metabolic syndrome diseases. – This is not just about overweight people. 20% of obese people have a healthy metabolism, and 40% of skinny people actually have the metabolic diseases caused by sugar consumption. That means 60% of the entire US population is suffering from metabolic diseases.

This is your health hacks wake-up call.

If you eat a “normal” American diet, even if you are skinny, sugar is secretly creating havoc in your brain and body.

If you don’t want to ever have to take blood pressure medicine, heart medicine, acid reducers, pain medications, or suffer from brain problems, one of the best health hacks you can do is stop eating sugar.

Cutting Sugar is the #1 Lifestyle Change to Save Money on Health Care Costs

Harvard Medical School will tell you, sugar is linked to cardiovascular disease. Read that linked article!

Dr Jason Fung, in his book the Obesity Code will also tell you, sugar leads to diabetes, which leads to kidney failure.

Yes, Dr. Fung will also tell you, even more good can be done when you stop eating processed foods (especially refined carbs) all together and eat as many vegetables and whole foods as you can.

However, eliminating sugar from your diet is the first step.

How this Health Hack Saves You Money

According to The Diabetes Journal:

  • “Abdominal obesity, low HDL cholesterol, and hypertension… are important predictors of long-term costs in the Medicare population.”
  • These researchers found a +20% difference in Medicare costs in people with the disease factors named above.
  • Drug costs for chronic illnesses quickly add up for metabolic diseases, and retirees pay a lot of out of pocket costs each year with their Part D coverage.

However, don’t despair, some or even much of the damage is reversible.

Doctors have been known to help their patients with eating changes that eventually change their drug regimens meaningfully. Inflammation can reduce quickly, and weight loss is often a happy benefit.

Health Hacks Action Steps

Let’s do something about this today. Cutting out or significantly reducing sugar is the #1 lifestyle change to save money on health care in retirement. Here is where to start today:

10 Day Sugar Detox Program

Check back as we add more health hacks to our list in 2020!

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