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Welcome to the MLH Newsletter

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Thank you for joining the Medicare Life Health Newsletter! 

You are now part of a community that wants the best health care and the best cash flow now and in retirement.

What to Expect

We are thrilled to present you with the latest finance, insurance, and retirement information, tools and “how-to’s”. In addition, we will keep you up to date on the latest health news to keep you happy and active (especially for retirement)! 

This newsletter is dedicated to showing people like you how to save lots of money for and in retirement. How? By tackling the biggest drains on your savings, including Medicare and health care costs.

Here are some of the other topics we cover:

  • How to catch up your savings if you are a little behind in saving for retirement (or for an emergency fund).
  • How to tackle the problems of expensive health care and limited cash flow in retirement. Even if you have a lot of cash, you want your money to matter in this phase of life.
  • How to preserve your cash flow – tricks and tips to saving on living expenses.

Our Promise to You

I promise that Medicare Life Health will give you the information you needs to achieve your best life with the best health care information and the best ways to improve and preserve your hard earned money.

All the best,

Carly Cummings
Creator of Medicare Life Health Co.

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