What is a Reverse Mortgage?

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What is a Reverse Mortgage? Reverse mortgages can be very intriguing to those that are reaching retirement age. Additionally, they can be intriguing to those that are in retirement and concerned about cash flow. So, just what is a reverse mortgage? Why do people take them out? And, are they good or bad? Reverse Mortgage … Read more

Jobs For Retired People

part time jobs for retired people

Jobs For Retired People: Supplementing Your Savings to Live Your Best Life + Retire Early? This article, “Jobs for Retired People” is the second article in our New Series: The New Rules of Retirement. Jobs for Retired People? Doesn’t retired mean “NOT WORKING?” Maybe, but maybe not! In our Series – The New Rules of Retirement, … Read more

New Rules of Retirement

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The New Rules of Retirement Series Retirement is changing, whether you like it or not… whether you are prepared for it or not. Let’s lay down the new rules of retirement and how to follow them, bend them and break them for your needs. This is the introduction article to our New Series: The New … Read more