Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

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Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids? One questions we hear a lot at Medicare Life Health is “Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids? The simple answer is NO. However, some Medicare Advantage Plans will. Let’s look at both. Original Medicare Will Not Cover Hearing Aids. Original Medicare – Parts A & B run and administered by the … Read more

Medicare and You 2020 & 2021

how to read Medicare and You 2020 guidebook

Medicare and You 2020 & 2021 Guidebook – Read This First Your Introduction to the Medicare and You 2020 & 2021 Book, and where to get a copy. The Medicare and You 2021 Guidebook details what you need to know about Medicare benefits for the current year. In it you will find the basics of … Read more

Medicare Part A B C D

Medicare Parts A B C D Explained

Medicare Parts A B C D Explained Medicare has four different parts: Medicare Part A B C D. Each of these parts serve a different function in our national health care system for seniors. As an overview of Medicare: Medicare Part A covers hospital insurance Part B covers medical insurance Medicare Part C is also … Read more

Medicare For All Explained

Medicare For All Explained The Presidential Debates have started, and once again, the rising costs of health care is a hot topic. You will hear people (like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren among others) talking about “Medicare for All,” “Universal Medicare” and “Universal Health Insurance.” What exactly are they talking about? Let’s dive in, with … Read more

5 Biggest Medicare Mistakes

5 Biggest Medicare Mistakes

The 5 Biggest Medicare Mistakes and How to Avoid Them No one wants to make a mistake that will cost them hundreds (or thousands) of dollars down the road if they can help it! However, Medicare can be very confusing, and even very knowledgeable people can miss things. Here are the five biggest Medicare mistakes … Read more

How Much Does Medicare Cost?

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How Much Does Medicare Cost? Medicare costs can be different person to person, depending on which type of plan you choose. After you have a basic understanding of Medicare and it’s basic components, you will want to know how much does Medicare cost? The answer is, it depends on how you structure it. Let’s break … Read more

Using an Independent Medicare Insurance Agent

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Should I Use an Independent Medicare Insurance Agent? When it comes to making decisions on and signing up for Medicare health care planning, you will have a few paths to consider. First, you could take the path of figuring everything thing out on your own and signing-up independently. Your second option is to talk to … Read more

Medicare Penalties For Late Enrollment

medicare penalties for late enrollment

What are the Medicare Penalties for Late Enrollment? There are two main Medicare penalties for late enrollment to be aware of when you are planning your health care in retirement. The first is the Part B late enrollment penalty, and the second is the Part D late enrollment penalty. Let’s look at both penalties and … Read more

What is AEP? Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period

just what is AEP or annual enrollment period with medicare

What is AEP? Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period AEP stands for Annual Enrollment Period. It is the time of year when Medicare Beneficiaries can switch or enroll in Medicare Part D, drug plans and / or Medicare Advantage Plans. Do you love a good acronym? How about a very large amount of them? The health and … Read more

Medicare Questions “FAQ’s”

The Most Frequently Asked Medicare Questions (FAQ’s) & Answers Once you are familiar with the basics of Medicare, these are the Medicare questions we hear the most often that you might have too. If you are starting from the beginning and do not have a basic understanding of Medicare, we recommend checking out our pages … Read more