Medicare Part B Premium 2021 Changes

medicare part b costs 2021 chart - Medicare Part A Costs Chart

Medicare Part B Premium 2021 The Center for Medicare Services has announced the costs of Medicare Part B Premium 2021. In addition, they have announced the changes to Part A Premiums and Part A and B Deductibles for 2021. We have included a helpful chart so you can see the premium and deductible differences from … Read more

What is Medicare Plan F?

What is Medicare Plan F - simple answers to medigap questions

What is Medicare Plan F? You may have heard, but there have been changes with who can get what Medicare Supplement Plans (aka Medigap Plans) now. Plan F and Plan C are not available to people turning 65 on or after 2020. So, you might be wondering, what is Medicare Plan F? In this quick … Read more

Is Medicare Plan F Going Away?

Is Medicare Plan F Going Away?

Is Medicare Plan F Going Away? As a Medicare Health Insurance Agent I hear this question over and over: “Is Medicare Plan F Going Away?” The simple answer is, no, Plan F is not going away. However, not everyone can sign-up for it as of January 2020. Who Can Still Get a Medigap Plan F? … Read more

Medicare Questions “FAQ’s”

The Most Frequently Asked Medicare Questions (FAQ’s) & Answers Once you are familiar with the basics of Medicare, these are the Medicare questions we hear the most often that you might have too. If you are starting from the beginning and do not have a basic understanding of Medicare, we recommend checking out our pages … Read more