What Medicare Part A Covers

What Does Medicare Part A Cover

What Medicare Part A Covers Here is what Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance covers: Inpatient Hospital Care Skilled Nursing Care Stays at Skilled Nursing Facilities (short-term) Home Health Care Hospice Care In addition: Part A also includes inpatient care in a religious non-medical health care institution. Blood is also a Part A covered service. You … Read more

Medicare Part A B C D

Medicare Parts A B C D Explained

Medicare Parts A B C D Explained Medicare has four different parts: Medicare Part A B C D. Each of these parts serve a different function in our national health care system for seniors. As an overview of Medicare: Medicare Part A covers hospital insurance Part B covers medical insurance Medicare Part C is also … Read more

5 Biggest Medicare Mistakes

5 Biggest Medicare Mistakes

The 5 Biggest Medicare Mistakes and How to Avoid Them No one wants to make a mistake that will cost them hundreds (or thousands) of dollars down the road if they can help it! However, Medicare can be very confusing, and even very knowledgeable people can miss things. Here are the five biggest Medicare mistakes … Read more