Does Medicare Pay for Dentures

Does Medicare Pay for Dentures?

One frequently asked question we get is “Does Medicare pay for dentures?” The short answer is NO.

Teeth are important part of your health. However, dental care is not a covered benefit in Original Medicare. As a result, Medicare does not pay for dentures.

Read on to find out how to get your dentures covered in other ways.

does Medicare pay for dentures

What Dental Services Does Medicare Cover?

Not much at all. In fact, the only time dental work may be covered by Medicare is in an emergency setting such as a hospital. For example, if you were in a car accident that affected your teeth, the emergency doctors and health care providers may need to provide emergency dental care.

In this instance, these services would be covered under Original Medicare Part A. (More at

Options for Dental Insurance for Medicare Beneficiaries

Medicare beneficiaries looking for dental coverages, will need to look for benefits outside of Medicare insurance.

Other than paying for dentures and dental work with cash, there are two options for insurance:

  1. Medicare Advantage
  2. Dental Insurance

Medicare Advantage Plans (MA/MAPD Plans)

There are select Medicare Advantage (MA or MAPD) Plans that have dental benefits. Most of them have a network of dental offices that participate in their plan. Often, this is a reimbursement based plan.

You can read more about MA/MAPD plans (also called Medicare Part C) in this article.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is especially worth purchasing if you have big ticket dental items or procedures coming up (i.e. dentures). Make sure when you are researching plans that you pick one that has denture coverage included. Plans and premiums can differ dramatically, so take the time to make sure the plan meets your needs.

Conclusions on Medicare Denture Coverage

If you are a Medicare user in need of dentures, I suggest your first step is to look into either a Medicare Advantage plan with dental benefits, or a stand alone dental plan.

Independent Insurance Agents for Dental Benefit Coverage

To find a plan in your area, I also suggest talking to an independent insurance agent that will be able to help you compare the options in your neck of the woods.

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