‘Mutual Perks’ Announced by Mutual of Omaha

mutual perks by mutual of omaha

‘Mutual Perks’ Announced by Mutual of Omaha What are ‘Mutual Perks'(SM) = Are they Discounts? Yes, and we like discounts. Moreover, anyone in retirement or on a “fixed income” certainly appreciates discounts. So when Mutual of Omaha announced an added discount benefit to their insurance customers, we were very interested. What are Mutual Perks? Mutual … Read more

Medicare and Medicaid Difference Guide

medicare and medicaid difference guide

Medicare and Medicaid Difference Guide The Medicare and Medicaid Difference Guide helps you understanding both services, so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones. The United States has two separate national health care systems: Medicare and Medicaid. The government created the two programs for two different kinds of people. However, … Read more

What is Long Term Care Insurance?

what is long term care insurance for senior care

What is Long Term Care Insurance? Long Term Care Insurance Polices provide cash to cover the cost of your care when you cannot take care of yourself. At some point, you may need help to get through each day. Hopefully, you have family and friends to help you, but even they can only help you … Read more

What is Final Expense Insurance?

what is Final Expense Insurance

What is Final Expense Insurance? Final expense insurance (also known as burial insurance or funeral insurance) is an insurance policy that provides cash to cover end of life expenses such as funeral and burial costs. They are typically smaller face values (the amount of payout money). In addition, insurance companies often structure them as whole … Read more

What is Silver Sneakers?

what is Silver Sneakers Senior Fitness

What is Silver Sneakers? Maybe you just overhead your neighbor talking about his free gym membership, or maybe your doctor asked you if you are a SilverSneakers user. You might then be wondering, just what it Silver Sneakers? SilverSneakers(r) is a fitness and wellness program for seniors age 65 and up. It includes free gym … Read more

What Medicare Part A Covers

What Does Medicare Part A Cover

What Medicare Part A Covers Here is what Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance covers: Inpatient Hospital Care Skilled Nursing Care Stays at Skilled Nursing Facilities (short-term) Home Health Care Hospice Care In addition: Part A also includes inpatient care in a religious non-medical health care institution. Blood is also a Part A covered service. You … Read more

Qualities of a Good Insurance Agent

qualities of a good insurance agent

The Top 6 Qualities of a Good Insurance Agent What are the qualities of a good insurance agent you should be looking for when you are searching for an agent? Your insurance agent helps you make important decisions to protect you and your family – let’s make sure you have a good one. The Top … Read more

Medicare Open Enrollment

medicare open enrollment 2019

Medicare Open Enrollment Medicare Open Enrollment runs from October 15th to December 7th. These are the same dates every year. What is Medicare Open Enrollment? Also called AEP – Annual Enrollment Period is the time of year Medicare Beneficiaries can make changes to their Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans. Information for new plans … Read more

Railroad Medicare

Railroad Medicare Benefits and Choices at MedicareLifeHealth.com

Railroad Medicare – What You Need to Know Here is what you need to know about Railroad Medicare Benefits to be successful in your retirement planning. Introduction to Railroad Medicare So, you are retiring from the Railroad? Congratulations! Mostly, your options for Medicare planning will be the same as everyone else’s. Our articles on Medicare … Read more