Best Places to Retire in Arizona

Here are the five best and most exciting places to retire in Arizona.

Arizona has long been one of the best places for retirees and with good reason. With a little bit of something to offer everyone it’s hard to go wrong in this beautiful location.

Tax Benefits of the Best Places to Retire in Arizona

Arizona doesn’t have Social Security Income tax, gift tax, estate tax, or inheritance tax, making it a great financial decision. Other taxable income rates range from 2.59% up to 4.54% for married filers.

Health Friendly

Arizona is also known to be allergy friendly and attracts those looking to improve their health. Many people find that their quality of life here improves drastically; especially those with bad allergies or asthma. This is because the state is a desert and most highly allergenic vegetation does not grow here. Along with its beautiful scenery and outdoor adventures you may find that you feel healthier later in life than before.

Arizona Weather

Arizona also has amazing weather year-round. With no humidity even its hottest days seem bearable. And with over 300 days of sunshine per year you can get out and enjoy all of those beautiful activities as often as you like. However, if you don’t enjoy the heat there are still a few cities that provide a great haven with cooler temperatures and even snow.

AZ Activities

If you’re a golfer, you will find there’s few better places in the world to retire than in Arizona. With over 70 ranked public courses and over 421 courses throughout the state, golfers will love their time here in Arizona.

Arizona’s Annual State Fair draws over 1 million people to its capital. Here you will enjoy prickly pear margaritas, cactus jelly, rodeos, and much more.


Diversity and culture are abundant in Arizona. With over 20 Native American tribes represented and the highest percentage of land dedicated to reservations, this piece of our history has been maintained in Arizona. In fact, it is still home to nearly 10% of the Native American population.

If the tax benefits, weather, and endless activities seem attractive to you Arizona is a great option for you. Read on to learn about some of the best cities to Arizona has to offer.

1.    Sedona

Sedona is well known in the movie world. The iconic red rocks that call Sedona home have appeared in many major western movies. These amazing natural features create a beautiful backdrop for your new home. The moderate climate and mountains that Sedona has to offer make it a popular retirement community. With numerous hiking trails and a thriving art culture, Sedona has a little bit of something for everyone. This laid-back town is a great option for those seeking an escape from city life.

2.    Mesa

Mesa is the second largest city in Arizona with over 400,000 locals but it is still cost-effective choice for retirees. Ranked number 10 out of the state for cost of living, along with its attractions, museums, and sports centers you will always have something to do. Of course, Mesa also has several golf courses available for retirees of any skill level to enjoy. If you are looking to enjoy the city life with all of its conveniences and amenities, Mesa is a great option for you.

3.    Youngtown

Youngtown has an interesting history. It was initially started by a real estate broker named Ben Sheffield. He created this new community as a senior citizen only living. This idea took off quickly and population increased with those looking for low-cost retirement living. The warm climate, low taxes, and no crime created the perfect environment for these retirees. After many years it came to light that Youngtown was never actually designated as a 55 plus community and it now allows all ages to call this beautiful place home. However, with its parks, clubhouse, and beautiful lake Youngtown has maintained its small-town feel.

4.    Peoria

Peoria is the ninth biggest city in Arizona and is located on the outskirts of Phoenix. Surrounded by the rugged terrain of the Sonoran Desert. It provides the perfect landscape to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Being that the city is so large you will find all of the conveniences of city life surrounded by adventure filled days of hiking and enjoying nature. If you are a fan of baseball you will also love the Peoria Sports Complex. In fact, both the San Diego Padres and the Seattle Mariners use it to train during the spring.

5.    Surprise

Surprise is another city located just outside of Phoenix. It provides all aspects you will need in retirement. This includes plenty of activities as it’s surrounded by the Sonoran Desert and mountain park lands. It’s one of the best places to start a business and 9 out of 10 residents suggest you do so. With its low crime rates and excellent amenities, it really isn’t a surprise that Surprise is such a popular location for retirees. Along with its installation of public art and beautiful scenery Surprise is another great choice for those looking to retire in Arizona.

Conclusions on the Best Places to Retire in Arizona

With its tax friendly policies, wonderful weather, endless activities, and cost-effective prices, it’s no wonder that Arizona continues to be one of the best states for retirement. Any city in Arizona will provide you with these benefits, but the cities on our list have something extra. They all offer something that makes them unique and makes them the perfect places for retirees to call home.

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