Best Places to Retire in Florida

Here are the best places to retire in Florida. A state that is home to the highest percentage of retirees. With good reason!

One of the main reasons that retirees are drawn to “The Sunshine State”, is for well, the sunshine. With almost 250 days of sunshine each year you can always get out and enjoy the many activities offered here in Florida.

Tax Friendly Retirement in FL

Florida has some of the best tax friendly policies for retirees. There’s no state income tax here and they don’t tax retirement or Social Security Income. With no inheritance or estate tax you can pass on your wealth onto your children tax free. Property taxes are also reasonable in Florida, making it a financial haven for retirees.

Florida’s Active Lifestyle

Florida is a very active state, which has attracted the attention of healthy minded retirees. It’s easy to connect with others who are in the same position as you; trying to enjoy retirement in this beautiful state. You can go to the beach, hiking, running, or go on one of the many excursions offered throughout the state.

Family Activities

With over 1,200 miles of coastline and soft white sand beaches, you will always have something fun to do. Florida is also home to Disney World and is a great experience for both you and your grandchildren when they come to visit you. This is one of the amazing benefits of Florida, it has plenty of activities. These will help keep you and your family connected even if they don’t live nearby.

Florida Retirement Communities

Many of the communities in Florida are 55 and over communities. This means that you will find others who are at a similar place in life as you are, creating a strong sense of community. You will create lasting friendships, bonding over tennis, swimming, or book club. These communities also offer varying levels of living assistance, so assistance can increase as you age.

Of course, there are many cities to choose from in Florida, so take a look at our list of the five best places to retire.

1.    Sarasota

Sarasota has a population of just a little over 50,000 people and 26% of them are over 65. The slow-paced lifestyle features a colonial Spanish history that attracts many of these retirees. Along with plenty of amenities and about an hour drive to Tampa you’re never far from the city. However, with its nearly 100 stores and restaurants you will never need to leave your little slice of heaven. With its miles of white sand beaches, lush landscape, and plenty of wildlife Sarasota offers a beautiful backdrop for all your adventures.

2.    Gainesville

Gainesville is about 75 miles inland, meaning that you won’t go to the beach as regularly. However, when hurricane season hits, this may not be such a bad thing. Home to the University of Florida residents over 60 can enroll in courses for free. If you’re looking to continue learning during retirement this is a great advantage. Just about 10% of its 130,000 population is 65 and older, so they have a wider range of residents. Initially founded as a health care resort, Gainesville now has medical care available at both the Sands Hospital and North Florida Regional Medical Center.

3.    Naples

Naples is another beach town featuring around 20,000 people and over half of those are 65 and up. The miles of beaches, high air quality, and beautiful scenery have attracted retirees for years. Residents of Naples report feeling good about their health, financial security, community, and their sense of purpose. All of these are great things as we age and being surrounded by others who feel the same creates a unique experience here in Naples. However, home prices here reflect this reality, starting around $400,000 for a condo.

4.    St.  Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is the largest city on our list today. With over 250,000 people 17% are over 65. Home prices are lower here starting at just $165,000 depending on the size and location. Getting around in St. Petersburg is easy and you will find many people biking or walking downtown while enjoying the arts scene and local restaurants. Tampa is just a half hour away, meaning you can escape for the day to enjoy its theaters, colleges, and other conveniences of city life. Then you will return to your quiet paradise.

5.    Punta Gorda

Another small town, at around 20,000 people, over half of those are over 65. Retires are drawn by the canal-front living and plenty of retirement communities. Golfing is a popular pastime and there are over 18 miles of trails for those who prefer biking or walking. The average home price in Punta Gorda is $325,000 and rent is just around $1000 a month. This makes it a relatively affordable place to call home.  

Conclusions on Places to Retire: Florida

When looking at places to retire, Florida is always one of the top US states and rightfully so. This trend of people retiring to this temperate, active, and beautiful state shows no signs of stopping. If you want the good life filled with others who are at the same place in their lives as you are, there is no better place than one of these cities in Florida.

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