What Does Medicare Cover?

What Does Medicare Cover?

The Most Frequently Asked Medicare Coverage Questions

what does medicare cover - FAQ's to Medicare coverage questions
  • This is a quick directory answering what Medicare will and will not cover.
  • We will list out frequently asked questions, brief answers, and links to more in depth articles if we have them.

Medicare Ambulance Coverage

Medicare does cover ambulance coverage for approved emergency situations. Original Medicare covers 80% of the cost of service. You additional plans will cover all or part of the rest.

Does Medicare Cover Ambulances medicare FAQs

Medicare and Hearing Aids

Does Medicare cover hearing aids? While there might be some Medicare Advantage Plans that have hearing benefits, in general, Original Medicare does not cover hearing aids. Read here for your answers.

Does medicare cover hearing aids doctor examining patient

Medicare Chiropractic Coverage

In regards to Chiropractic Coverage, what does Medicare cover, if anything? According to our article on Medicare Chiropractic Coverage,

Yes, when deemed medically necessary, Medicare does cover chiropractic services. Original Medicare Part B pays for 80% of the cost of chiropractic services. You will pay the other 20% is the co-insurance – unless you have supplemental insurance.

does medicare cover Chiropractic Care

Medicare Cataract Coverage

Does Medicare cover cataract surgery? Yes, Medicare Part B covers cataract surgery. Please read more here.

does medicare cover cataract surgery

Does Medicare Cover Rehab?

How Long Does Medicare Pay for Rehab? It depends on what Medicare Plan you have.

Medicare often pays for at least part of medically necessary rehab.

However, how it pays, and how much it pays, for your rehab is dependent on what type of care you need and what kind of Medicare plan you have.

How Long Does Medicare Pay for Rehab

Medicare Denture Coverage

Does Medicare cover dentures? No, as a rule, dental services are not covered by Original Medicare – including dentures. As an exception, if dental work is preformed in a hospital emergency setting, it may be covered under Original Medicare Part A. (More at Medicare.gov.)

There are select Medicare Advantage (MA or MAPD) Plans that have dental benefits. You can read more about these plans (also called Medicare Part C) in this article.

Stem Cell Therapy Coverage

Does Medicare Pay for Stem Cell Therapy? Sometimes, yes. However, the cases in which it does pay are very limited. Stem Cell Therapy is expensive and controversial. As a result, Medicare’s list of approved cases is short.

does medicare pay for stem cell therapy article from medicarelifehealth.com

Medicare MRI Coverage

Does Medicare Cover MRI’s and how much do they cost? Read our article on MRI’s coverage and cost here.

how much does an mri cost

Original Medicare Coverages

Original Medicare refers to the basic coverages put in place by the Federal Medicare Program. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services breaks down the coverages into four parts. (Although Part C and D are provided by private insurance companies.)

In addition to the four parts of Medicare, beneficiaries also have the opportunity to add a Medigap Plan. (Also called Medicare Supplement Plans, these plans pick up the extra costs and co-pays that Original Medicare does not.)

Medicare Parts A B C D Explained
Click here for our infographic on the 4 parts of Medicare.

For more information, here are our detailed articles about each part.

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