Medicare Easy Pay

Medicare Easy Pay – What is it & How do I get it?

Medicare Easy Pay

Medicare Easy Pay is the automatic payment system set up by CMS to pay your Medicare Premiums.

CMS (The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) offers Medicare Easy Pay for Part A and Part B Premium Payments from a checking account or a savings account. (Most people get Part A at no cost, so people typically use Easy Pay for just Part B premiums.)

If you sign-up for Easy Pay, then your premiums will be automatically deducted from the account you specify.

How Do You Sign-up for Medicare Easy Pay?

Well, I wish I could send you straight to a website with a secure enrollment option, all done online. However, it does not exist at this time. Instead, you will have to fill out a paper enrollment form and mail it in.

Enroll By Mail

Mail a completed Authorization Agreement for Pre-authorized Payments form [PDF, 117 KB] (SF-5510) to:

Medicare Premium Collection Center
PO Box 979098
St. Louis, MO  63197-9000


In addition, if you are already signed-up for Easy Pay, but you want to make a change, this is also the address you will send the same form into. Just add the changes you want to make on that same form you would send in for new Easy Pay Enrollment.

Enroll in Person

Alternatively, you can also go to your local Medicare / Social Security office and make an appointment to submit your information through the office.

Railroad Benefits Differences

Railroad Medicare Benefits and Choices at

If you are with the Railroad, your options are different. You will need to send your payments in by mail, or set-up a “bill-pay” option with your bank for them to monthly mail the money into this address:

RRB, Medicare Premium Payments
PO Box 979024
St. Louis, MO 63197-9000

If you are retiring with Railroad Retirement, please read our about your benefits and choices with Medicare here.

How Does Medicare Easy Pay Work?

What is Medicare Easy Pay and How do you sign-up?

After you sign-up for Medicare Easy Pay by sending in your enrollment application, then the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will take 6 – 8 weeks to process your application.

Remember, it is important to pay any billed premiums in the mean time.

Then, when you are set-up, CMS will monthly send you a Monthly Statement, called a “Medicare Premium Bill.” However, this is just for your reference, and you will not have to pay it when you are set-up for Easy Pay as it will be deducted from your account monthly now. CMS has a diagram to help you read this document here. also states that premiums typically come out of your checking or savings account around the 20th of the month.

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