Medicare Part B Premium 2021 Changes

Medicare Part B Premium 2021

The Center for Medicare Services has announced the costs of Medicare Part B Premium 2021. In addition, they have announced the changes to Part A Premiums and Part A and B Deductibles for 2021.

We have included a helpful chart so you can see the premium and deductible differences from 2020 to 2021.

Medicare Cost Sharing Chart

medicare part b costs 2021 chart - Medicare Part A Costs Chart
Medicare Part B Premium Changes

2021 Medicare Part A Premiums

Most people do not pay a Part A Premium, unless they paid into Medicare taxes for less than 30 quarters. However, if you have worked less than 30 quarters paying into the Medicare insurance program, then you will owe a monthly premium if you want Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance).

  • In 2021, the Medicare Part A Premium is $471 per month.
  • Medicare Part A was $458 per month in 2020.

For more information, please visit the page.

2021 Medicare Part B Premiums

  • In 2021, the Medicare Part B Monthly Premium will be $148.50
  • In 2020, the Medicare Part B Monthly Premium was $144.60.

Medicare Part B Deductible 2021 / Medicare Part A Deductible & Co-Insurances

Medicare Part A & B Deductibles & Co-Insurances20202021
Part B Deductible$198$203
Part A Deductible$1,408$1,484
Part A Inpatient Hospital Co-insurance
Days 0-60$0 per day$0 per day
Days 61-90$352 per day$371 per day
Lifetime Reserve Days 91-150$704 per day$742 per day
Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance from 21-100 days$176 per day$185.50 per day
2021 out-of-pocket (OOP) limits for Medigap Plan K is $6,220 and L is $3,110.
2021 Medigap High-Deductible Options F, G, & J have a $2,370 Deductible.

Medicare Coverages

For a in-depth look at each what each part of Medicare covers, take a look at this article: Medicare Parts A B C D.

Medicare Parts A B C D Explained
Click here for our infographic on the 4 parts of Medicare.

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